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Uniformed Armed or Unarmed Security Officers

Expert Service

Lingle Security Services is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.  No job is too big or too small you can rest easy with Lingle Protective Services on site.


Armed Security:  We take pride in our top notch premier package security offerings by offering fully trained, licensed, and certified throughout the state armed security officers.  On top of training, license, and certification in firearms, all armed security officers are trained, licensed, and certified in other less lethal devices of baton, pepper spray (mace), and handcuffs.  Each armed security officer goes through extensive annual renewal recertification. 

Unarmed Security:  Same pride and top notch premier package security offerings, but in an unarmed settings.  Security officers are fully trained, licensed, and certified in all security procedures and laws in the local area of coverage.   All unarmed security coverage also take an annual renewal process of recertification and licensing.  


Organizations that have a requirement for security services but cannot justify the use of a dedicated security officer, so we offer mobile patrol service. The mobile patrol officer is uniformed, possesses the power of arrest, armed, and operated a marked patrol vehicle. The mobile officer performs random inspections of the client's property through out the night and/or day to split the cost of service among the clients.  We also offer alarm response at no additional charge for this patrol service.  As an alarm response customer we respond to a building alarm. When notified of a alarm from your alarm provider, we respond and notify the local law enforcement and client representatives if evidence of criminal activity is discovered.  Patrol and alarm response Officers go through the same requirements as armed uniformed security officer. 


Highly trained plain clothed uniform exempt security officers may be used to blend in with other shoppers or customers to help better identify shoplifters, problems with employees, or other security breaches.  Or, we offer uniformed highly trained security officers for the appearance to prevent shoplifters, employee issues, etc. 


We maintain a security force available to respond to an emergency need for security service. This could be a facility that encounters an alarm outage, insecure door, fire, flood, etc. We can respond your location of service with a specialized officer ASAP.


We have many trained specialized security officers to cover specialized assignments such as; formal office front lobby/receptionist, schools, churches, industrial factories, hotels, banks, gated residential neighborhoods, and special events.

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